Scroll Object

Note: This object is now deprecated, the new Scroll2 object completely replaces the need for this object and cures many problems with it. Please do not ask me any questions about this code, this is here for your conviencience, if you want to use it you are on your own.

The Scroll Object allows you to make a layer that has a JavaScript generated scrollbar by which the user can scroll the content of the layer up and down. Though IE 4 has the IFRAME tag which can be used to scroll content there are limitations to it - it can't be transparent, and other layers cannot be positioned over it. Netscape does not have any built-in ability to scroll a layer, so there's no choice but to go with an all JavaScript solution. That's why I built the Scroll Object - it's solves these problems.

First off, take a look at what you can create using this object: demo-frames.html. It is a page with 2 scroll windows where one loads pages into the other to mimic frames.

I've tested this code out on various versions of Netscape 4.0 and 4.5 on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and all seems to be working pretty well except a few of the more advanced functionality on some versions of Mac. I don't have a Mac to work on so I have to rely on input from developers for fixes. Please notify me about any problems you encounter with this object.

There's a lot stuff to explain so I've separated this column into the following sections:

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