BrowserCheck Object

With the advent of new browsers I needed a more sohpisticated browser checking solution - the document.layers and document.all check that I've been using will not suffice when we need to work with Netscape 4.0, 5.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0 and 5.0. We need a way to individually check for them. So I've built the BrowserCheck Object. This object is including within the DynLayer, and as well as a separate js file if you want to use it when you're not using the DynLayer.

This object will automatically define an instance of itself as "is":

is = new BrowserCheck()

The is object has the following properties

This combination of properties will serve almost all your needs with respect to DHTML - that's all this object is designed to do. You could extend this to check for operating systems and mime-plugins or whatever.

So now you no longer need the following lines on any pages:

ns4 = (document.layers)? true:false
ie4 = (document.all)? true:false

Instead add the browser.js file to your page:

<script language="JavaScript" src="../dynapi/browsercheck.js"></script>

Or, if you are already using the DynLayer you don't need to do anything. The DynLayer has the BrowserCheck Object in its source.

Example: browsercheck.html [source] - shows the output of the BrowserCheck Object on your browser.

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