DynAPI Code Summary

audio.jsprovides common controls for playing audio files
browsercheck.jsprovides most commonly needed browser checking variables
buttonimage-mini.jsa smaller version of the ButtonImage for use in Scroll2
buttonimage.jsbutton widget with a swappable image and down/up/roll controls
calendar.jsa widget that draws a calendar with layers
checkbox.jsallows you to use images to replace HTML CheckBoxes
circle.jsDynlayer addon object to move a layer in a circle
clock.jsa widget that writes the date and current time (with updating seconds) to 2 individual layers
collapsemenu.jsa slick collapsable navigation menu object
cookies.jssave/read/delete cookie functions for storing small chunks of data in the browser
createdestroy.jsenables you to dynamically create a layer after the page has been loaded, can only truely delete layers in IE
css.jsreturns CSS syntax for generated layers
drag.jsan object that makes an unlimited number DynLayers draggable
dynlayer-clip.jsprovides layer clipping functionality
dynlayer-common.jsDynLayer write(), load(), setbg(), img() addon methods
dynlayer-glide.jsalternative DynLayer animation methods with an acceleration effect
dynlayer-min.jsa very minimal version of the DynLayer that could be used when filesize is extremely important - note none of my widgets will work with this
dynlayer-slide.jsstraight line animation methods
dynlayer-test.jstest the layer target before creating the DynLayer, just include this file after the DynLayer.js if you want to use the test (not manditory)
dynlayer-wipe.jsDynLayer animated clipping (wipe effects) methods
dynlayer-write.jsrewrites the contents of the layer
dynlayer.jssophisticated layer/element targeting and animation object which provides the core functionality needed in most DHTML applications
dynwindow.jsa widget-object that creates a draggable window with a Scroll2 to mimic an OS window
ellipse.jsDynLayer addon object to move a layer in an elliptical path
gifanim.jsan object which allows JavaScript to animate gifs by swapping through them quickly
hover.jsA Dynlayer addon object to move a layer in a hovering motion (vertical/horizontal)
images.jschangeImage() and preload() functions for rollovers and GIF animation
liquid.jsfinds the width/height of the browser and reloads the page when resized to create a liquid layout
list.jsgeneric selection widget built primarily to be incorporated into other List-based widgets (MenuList, ScrollList, SelectList)
menubar.jsa widget that creates selectable tabs for swapping layers
menulist.jsa cascading menu widget utilizing the List Object
miniscroll.jsgives controls to a set of 2 layers for scrolling
mouseevents.jsmouse events for the Drag object and Scroll2 object
newsticker.jsan animated news ticker
parabola.jsDynlayer addon object to move a layer in a parabolic curve
passargs.jsfunctions to handle passing arguments between pages via query strings
path.jsDynlayer addon object to move a layer in a specified coordinate path
progressbar.jsprovides a progress bar which you could use to indicate the loading progress of a large page
pushpanel.jsa ScrollWindow with up/down button panel controls
radio.jsallows you to use images to replace HTML Radio Buttons
resizefix.jsa Netscape 4 specific function to reload the browser when it has been resize to avoid layout problems associated with layers
scroll-resize.jsa resizable version of the Scrollv1
scroll.jsa widget that draws a JavaScript scrollbar to scroll a layer
scroll2-ext.jsa set of extentions to the Scroll2 and related objects
scroll2.jsnew version of the scroll object featuring horizontal scrolling and better code design
scrollbar.jswidget that draws a 2 dimensional scrollbar
scrolllist.jswidget that mimics and HTML Select List (with a SIZE set) utilizing the List Object
scrollwindow.jsa widget that draws layers that are to be scrolled, being built for a new Scroll Object
selectlist.jswidget that mimics an HTML Select List utilizing the List Object
simpleapi.jsset of functions for easily manipulating layers, a simple alternative to using the DynLayer
sinewave.jsDynlayer addon object to move a layer in a sine wave
tabs.jsa widget that creates selectable tabs for swapping layers

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